Rental Property Management

Property Management

Rental Property Management

Property Management is relatively new, and over the past twenty years has become increasingly complex and sophisticated.

Our role grew as property owners began to appreciate that revenue derived from leasing real estate was a good investment that provided stable income.  Someone had to search for prospective tenants, collect the rents, and arrange repairs and many owners did not wish to be involved in these time consuming activities.

Complexity of Property Management

The traditional image of property management being the collection of rent, the eviction of the odd tenant, and the repair of leaking roofs, is out-dated.  Today property management is a multi-faceted profession.  The constant reconciliation between the often conflicting objectives of owners and tenants makes property management complex.

Our role is to deal with the complex nature of this profession.  Further evidence of this increasing complexity and sophistication is the fact that the provincial government has recognized the need for legislation for control and guidance of real estate matters including property management.  Today there are many provincial statutes affecting real estate; for example, the Real Estate Services Act, the Residential Tenancy Act, the Commercial Tenancy Act, the Condominium Act, and the Rent Distress Act.

Our Objectives Separate Us from the Competition

We strive to manage the property in such a way that, while keeping the property owner’s interest at heart, we create maximum enjoyment for the tenants so that they are willing to pay maximum rent for the use of the property.  In this context, the main objective of a property manager is to assist a landlord in achieving his or her investment objectives by providing quality professional property management.  This objective is achieved by:

  • obtaining or maintaining maximum revenue from the property under the guidelines provided by property owner;
  • keeping the operating expenses at a minimum;
  • in as far as is possible, satisfying the landlord’s and tenant’s non-financial objectives; and
  • maintaining the positive characteristics of the property.

The above is met with good organization and tight control of all administrative functions.

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